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Shawn Camp Year-Round Training Program

Shawn Camp Pitching Academy is partnering with Athlete's Addiction Strength and Speed to deliver the area's most comprehensive training program for pitcher development for ages 11 and up. This program is designed to improve velocity, increase strength and explosive power, and reduce the chance for injury.

The Fundamental Package includes the essential components of our Pitching Academy. Shawn and his staff will guide the athletes through a thorough warm-up and arm care program. Athletes will have hands-on instruction during their bullpen work. The focus is to develop proper mechanics to reduce the chance for injury and improve velocity.

The Premium Package includes everything that the Fundamentals Package offers, plus thorough assessments of the athletes to include Postural Analysis, Functional Movement Screen, Performance and Health Assessments, including Segmental Body Mass Analysis. Based on these assessments, a customized performance training plan will be created for each athlete.

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For more details, contact Shawn Camp at or 571-205-3261.